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DJ is a dreamer. He's an optimist who believes all things are possible with consistency, a strong work ethic, and confidence. DJ’s beliefs led him to building the DJ Rowell Foundation into a pivotal organization which has granted the community with an outlet that embraces youth and pushes them to reach their highest limits! Helping individuals (with a key focus on youth and undergrads) identify and connect with their passions, then helping them to convert their passions into reality. The "what's next" chapter that so many struggle with after college is over and it's time for you to find YOU. Born and raised in South Carolina, David comes from a single parent household, had being cared for by his mom, grandmother, and aunt. "The women of his life" as he often calls them. Growing up he took to Entertainment early, giving performances to his family of his most admired celebrity personalities, and even an impression or two of influences he found quite intriguing. Along with Entertaining and acting, David grew an equal love for the sport of basketball, attributing much of his understanding in life to basketballs constant need of evolving, development, and commitment. It was his first real piece of accountability that was all his own, the more time he spent investing himself into the game better he could be, the limit on what he could become literally fell on his choices and determination. Growing up, basketball was a major consistency in David's life that overshadowed his other talents waiting for the chance to expose themselves, and in 2019 they did just that! Getting the chance to showcase his natural charisma and ability in front of the cameras alongside some the most iconic television names to date, which have become mentors and dear friends to him. 

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Christmas In Carolina // 2020

Differences // 2023

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David L. Rowell, also affectionately known as DJ Rowell is a Marion, SC native born to David Sr. and Phylishia Rowell. As a 2011 Marion High School graduate, his talents granted him the opportunity to play four years of Varsity basketball before obtaining an athletic scholarship to Ohio Valley University. After college basketball, DJ worked as an intern with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and participated in a cross country road tour with one of America’s top Country Music Acts. After life on the road, DJ turned his interests to entertainment. Since then, he has been successful with starting his own podcast, touring as a motivational speaker as well as succeeding as an actor, with landing a lead role in the feature film released in December 2020. He is also the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of a 501(c)3, not for profit, community organization known as the DJ ROWELL Foundation.

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